This site is dedicated to my hobby, Woodwork, which at present means turning in materials such as wood, acrylic, and composite. I make all sorts of items from trinket boxes to pens, (key rings to follow).


I have extended the site to include images and links to guides I have authored on the Instructables web community.

Shadow turning (making a shadow board and demonstration - links below)

I created this Egg after watching a demonstration by Thoe Haralampou on Shadow board turning. I then designed my own lathe tool to securely hold the shadow board without the need for clamps that would get in the way. I also created a few templates, one of which being this egg. The decoration was added in pencil using a device called and egg-bot. I then burnt the design into the wood using a pyrography pen and painted it with iridescent colours.


Details of the shadow board are on this site along with the templates that are available for download. There is also a guide on turning the egg using one of the templates.

Magazine articles


Christmas Carousel thats the title, and it was my article in this Decembers issue of the The Woodworker 2019. Its a 90-95 % recycled piece. A platform suspended from a central pole using a gold colored  chain. On the platform are 6 toys (2 trees, 2 snowmen and 2 -sort of huts) all brightly decorated using sharpie pens and coated with acrylic  lacquer. It was a great project and the full description is available in the magazine along with other Christmas related activities.


Smowman Moneybox

Just finished an article for the creation of a seasonal moneybox designed as a snowman. an the best part is that the woodworker magazine liked it enough to feature it in their November 2018 issue.


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